STEAM workshops for students and teachers

In addition to his work as a musician and educator Tom has long been involved in technology, specifically as it relates to music recording and production. He has used Apple computers since 1988 when he started using his Mac to compose and arrange music using Finale software. 

Integrating 21st century technology and music creation

Classical guitarist, music educator and Musical Wires founder, Tom Noren has been inspiring students and audiences for over 25 years.  As a dynamic educator, he engages and empowers students by harnessing their creativity and fostering their expression through innovative technologies. These hands-on experiences incorporate the following technology tools; GarageBand for music and sound effect creation, iMovie to create and edit films, MaKey MaKey invention kit to generate sound through conductive materials (such as play dough, foil and graphite) and GoPro action camera to capture the fun and learning. The MaKey MaKey invention kit allows for creative and engaging learning experiences. Students can create their own musical instruments or game controllers using any conductive material. iPadsGoPro's and green screens enable students to create movies and soundtracks. Through 21st century skill building strategies, students work collaboratively in small groups, creating and manipulating musical sounds by way of circuits to trigger unique compositions. The creative process enhances students’ understanding of literary, scientific, historical and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) concepts.


Creating circuits with MaKey MaKey with upper Elementary Students at East Cooper Montessori Charter School.