LittleBits + Rainy Days = ?

Just spent a week in the mountains, Saluda to be precise. Waterfalls, zip-lines and wildflowers...
Slow (very slow) internet has its benefits, as do rainy days. One kept us away from the screens the other led me to my Gizmos and Gadgets, and Synth LittleBits kits.
The Synth kit is my default simply because I am a musician and love experimenting with sounds and effects. As a classical guitarist with an affinity for Bartok, Bach, Josquin and Steve Reich I find the world of synthesizers rewarding and intriguing.
So onto the "other kit". Opening the Gizmos and Gadgets kit brought me back to my childhood days, opening a Revell airplane kit with my dad. "How will this ever come together?!"
I tend to shy away from step by step instructions, but I allowed myself the comfort of doing so with LittleBits, putting together a few simple circuits….
To be continued

Model 01